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  You can now book Spotlight tickets online, or by phone [Tel 01262678258 option 1] or in person, all through the Spa Booking Office.
  "Kindly Leave the Stage" Tuesday 16th- Saturday 20th February 7.30pm
The marriage of Rupert and Sarah is on the rocks and their friends Charles and Madge, both of whom are lawyers, agree to handle the divorce.
After the curtain has been up a few minutes, Rupert forgets his lines, has a brain storm and threatens to kill Charles in full view of the audience.
The rest of the cast try to ignore the incident and forge ahead with the original play and areal life marital comedy now evolves.
The play is a light hearted tilt at the complete theatricality of stage folk.
An in-house production brought to you by Spotlight Theatre Drama

  "As You Like It" [ENCORE] NT Saturday 27th February 7.00 pm
Shakespeare’s glorious comedy of love and change comes to the National Theatre for the first time in over 30 years.
With her father the Duke banished and in exile, Rosalind and her cousin Celia leave their lives in the court behind them and journey into the Forest of Arden.
There, released from convention, Rosalind experiences the liberating rush of transformation. Disguising herself as a boy, she embraces a different way of living and falls spectacularly in love.
  "Manon Lescaut " Met Opera New York Saturday 5th March 5.55 pm

Chevalier Des Grieux, who falls in love with a lower-class young woman, Manon Lescaut.

They run away together without getting married, and Des Grieux discovers that Manon’s love of luxury is greater than her desire to stay faithful.
Manon takes a wealthy lover, which upsets and angers Des Grieux, although this leads to him and Manon tricking him out of some money and enables them to live in luxury before they are ruined
Puccini's first enduringly popular opera
  "Hangmen" [ENCORE] Sunday 6th March 7.00 pm
In his small pub in Oldham, Harry (David Morrissey, The Walking Dead) is something of a local celebrity. But what's the second-best hangman in England to do on the day they've abolished hanging?
Meanwhile, Harry's old assistant Syd (Andy Nyman, Peaky Blinders) and the peculiar Mooney (Johnny Flynn, Clouds of Sils Maria) lurk with very different motives for their visit.
Hangmen is a tremendous melding of humour and terror which brutally lampoons the lust for celebrity.
Following a sell-out run at the Royal Court Theatre, Martin McDonagh’s Hangmen transfers to Wyndham’s Theatre.
  "Spartacus" Bolshoi Ballet Sunday 13th March 3.00 pm
The Bolshoi's grandiose epic Spartacus recounts the story of a Roman slave's fight for freedom.
With its famous Khachaturian score, since the 1960s it has been considered one of the greatest bolshoi productions
In a Roman slave revolt; its leader, Spartacus, was a Thracian warrior captured in battle. The rebellion’s high point—literally and figuratively—was its seizure of Mount Vesuvius as a stronghold.
 After two years of unrest, the rebellion was finally put down by Marcus Licinius Crassus, and Spartacus fell in battle. The surviving rebels, numbering some 6,000, were crucified along the Appian Way.
  "Roger Davies in Concert" Saturday 19th March 7.30 pm
Enjoy the music and singing of "The Yorkshire Songwriter" as he celebrates the release of his new CD album ‘Roger Davies: Live at The Topic Folk Club’ .
Expertly recorded by Mike Hockenhull on September 10th & 11th 2015 at the Topic Folk Club in Bradford, West Yorkshire, the album features 10 renditions of live favourites plus some brand new, previously unreleased songs.
His dedication to his craft & live performances have earned reviews such as
 "If you haven't heard, seen or booked Roger yet, you really should"
Topic Folk Club, Bradford
 "Like a modern day musical L.S. Lowry" The Brighouse Echo
  "Boris Godunov " [Encore] RoH Covent Garden Saturday 26th March 7.15 pm
Born in Russia circa 1551, Boris Godunov served the court of Ivan IV the Terrible and in 1584 was named by Ivan to be one of the guardians for the dim-witted Fyodor, who shortly afterward ascended the throne.
Godunov then became de facto ruler of Russia, and after Fyodor’s death, Godunov was elected to the throne.
While he implemented many laudable policies, he was ruthless and paranoid and died only seven years into his rule,
 Antonio Pappano conducts a new production of Musorgsky’s magnificent opera, starring Bryn Terfel in the title role and directed by Richard Jones.
  "Madama Butterfly " Met Opera New York Saturday 2nd April 5.55 pm
The title character of Madama Butterfly—a young Japanese geisha who clings to the belief that her arrangement with a visiting American naval officer is a loving and permanent marriage—is one of the defining roles in opera.
One of Puccini's most moving operas, its drama is centred on Cio-Cio-San, whose childish innocence at her marriage and continued ingenuous faith are contrasted with the callousness of Pinkerton.
"Un bel dì vedremo" (One fine day we shall see) is among the best known of all Italian operatic arias.
  "Giselle" [ENCORE] RoH Covent Garden Saturday 9th April 7.15 pm
The ballet is about a peasant girl named Giselle, who dies of a broken heart after discovering her lover is betrothed to another.
Giselle is naive, vulnerable, innocent, in love, in despair, mad, forgiving and self-sacrificing ... and more.
Albtrecht is an insensitive, selfish man who realises too late that he has both fallen in love and destroyed the object of his love; he shows contrition, courage and even understanding of what happens to him and around him.
The Wilis, a group of supernatural women who dance men to death, summon Giselle from her grave.
  "Don Quixote " Bolshoi Ballet Sunday 10th April 4.00 pm
Don Quixote is based on episodes taken from the famous novel Don Quixote de la Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes.
The romantic old knight Don Quixote invents stories to fulfil his need for chivalrous adventures. On his quest to save his (fictional) sweetheart he encounters the young lovers Kitri and Basilio. They're being kept apart by Kitri's father, who wants her to marry the wealthy Gamache. Don Quixote determines to rescue them.
Kitri's father is duped into giving his blessing, and Don Quixote convinces Gamache that he'd rather marry the barmaid anyway. All rejoice and cheer Don Quixote on his way.
  "Roberto Devereux " Met Opera New York Saturday 16th April 5.55 pm
Donzietti's work concerns the life (and death) of Roberto Devereux, an influential courtier of Queen Elizabeth I.
Upon his return from Ireland, where he had been exiled for suspected treason, the Queen makes a last attempt to secure his love, whilst suspecting his heart lies elsewhere, before his death warrant is sealed...
Besides this benchmark, Roberto Devereux concerns a heart-breaking love triangle between him, the Queen and his beloved Sara, who has married his friend in his absence.
Rivalry battles on all sides as the ageing Queen's jealousy rises, but Roberto has one moral as certain death draws ever closer, he will betray the one he really loves.
  "Elektra" Met Opera New York Saturday 30th April 5.55 pm
A one-act opera by Richard Strauss,
Set in the city of Argos a few years after the Trojan war, it recounts the tale of Electra and the vengeance that she and her brother Orestes take on their mother Clytemnestra and step father Aegisthus for the murder of their father, Agamemnon.
  "Lucia di Lammermoor" [ENCORE] RoH Covent Garden Opera Sunday 1st May 7.15 pm
The setting is the Lammermuir Hills of Scotland (Lammermoor) in the 17th century and the story is loosely based upon Sir Walter Scott's historical novel The Bride of Lammermoor.
The emotionally fragile Lucia is driven to madness when manipulated to marry a man she does not love. Featuring the most famous mad scene in the repertory and full of ravishingly beautiful melodies, this timeless bel canto masterpiece evokes the passion and desperation of a woman used by her brother as a political pawn.
  "ANNIE" Monday 2nd -Saturday 7th May 7.30 pm but Sunday 8th 2.30 pm
Spotlight brings you an in-house production of the well loved story of Annie, who must live in a miserable orphanage run by the tyrannical Miss Hannigan.
Her apparently hopeless situation changes dramatically when she is selected to stay at the residence of the wealthy munitions industrialist, Oliver Warbucks.
Having won over the seemingly cold-hearted Warbucks, he decides to help Annie find her long lost parents by offering a reward if they would come to him and prove their identity.
However, Annie is in great danger when Miss Hannigan, her evil brother, Rooster, and a female accomplice, plan to impersonate those people to get the reward for themselves.
Featuring songs such as "You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile", "It's the Hard Knock Life" , and, of course, "Tomorrow",Annie continues to charm audiences wherever it is performed.
  "Frankenstein" [ENCORE] Covent Garden Ballet Sunday 22nd May 7.15pm
The world premiere of Liam Scarlett’s new full-length ballet, inspired by Mary Shelley’s Gothic masterpiece.
In attempting to bring his mother back to life Victor Frankenstein only succeeds in giving life to non-living matter – but, horrified at what he has done, he abandons his Creation, and, six years later he returns home, to be followed by the Creature.
Enraptured by Elizabeth, Frankenstein's bride to be, the Creature draws closer to her on the wedding day, is discovered by Frankenstein and,in panic, kills Elizabeth.
In his grief, Victor takes his own life, leaving the Creature once again alone and abandoned, cradling his creator.
  "Hamlet" [ENCORE] RSC Saturday 11th June 7.00 pm
Hamlet has the world at his feet. Young, wealthy and living a hedonistic life studying abroad. Then word reaches him that his father is dead.
Returning home he finds his world is utterly changed, his certainties smashed and his home a foreign land. Struggling to understand his place in a new world order he faces a stark choice - submit, or rage against the injustice of his new reality.
Simon Godwin directs Paapa Essiedu as Hamlet in Shakespeare’s searing tragedy. As relevant today as when it was written, confronting each of us with the mirror of our own mortality in an imperfect world.
  "Werther" [ENCORE] RoH Covent Garden Saturday 2nd July 7.00 pm
Werther loves Charlotte, but she promised her mother on her deathbed that she would marry Albert. After the marriage Charlotte suggests that Werther should travel – but not forget her.
 Charlotte, unhappily married, has fallen in love with Werther through his letters. He returns unexpectedly; Charlotte sends him away. Werther shoots himself and dies in Charlotte’s arms.
  "Romeo and Juliet" [ENCORE] Kenneth Branagh Theatre Co. Saturday 9th July 7.00 pm
Romeo and Juliet fall passionately in love, but their families are sworn enemies. The lovers marry in secret before Romeo kills Juliet’s cousin Tybalt in a fight and is banished from the city.
 Juliet’s family arrange for her to marry Paris. To escape, Juliet takes a potion that makes her appear lifeless. Romeo does not receive the message explaining her plan; thinking her dead, he goes to her tomb and kills himself. She wakes, sees Romeo’s corpse and stabs herself.
 Starring David Jacobi, Lily James and Richard Madden

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