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When Spotlight reopens and welcomes back its supporters and performers measures will be in place to ensure their safety in line with current recommendations. To learn what is being put in place please click here.
  BUY-A-BRICK Fund raising campaign
We have a great opportunity to extend Spotlight by acquiring part of the building next door.
The extra space will be used to re-locate the work shop and provide much needed extra storage.
To do this, however, we have to build a dividing wall plus all the ancillary work including forming access to the stage.
The estimated cost for this project is £12000, which we hope to raise by giving members and supporters the opportunity to buy a brick for £10 !!
Anyone who purchases a brick will go into a draw where three lucky winners will be Special Guests for a show of their choice.
For details about how to donate please follow this link
    André Rieu’s 2021 Together Again [Screened]  Sat August 28 7.30 pm Sat Sept 4 7.30 pm
The King of the Waltz has handpicked his all time favourite show tunes, operatic arias and dance numbers from stages around the world - featuring many performances never seen before on the big screen.
André brings together performers from all over the world in one global spectacular to make you smile, sing and dance.
Featuring performances from São Paulo, Mainau, Bucharest, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Melbourne and Istanbul.
André Rieu invites you to come together again with friends, family and loved ones for a heart-warming concert.
  All £16  
  Three Tenors: Voices for Eternity [Screened] Saturday 11th September 7.30 pm
 It’s been 30 years since Luciano Pavarotti, José Carreras and Plácido Domingo made their historic debut as The Three Tenors at the ancient baths of Caracalla on the eve of the 1990 Football World Cup.
A global audience of 1.6 billion people watched this groundbreaking concert - and it catapulted classical music into a completely new dimension, becoming the best-selling classical album of all time.
Three Tenors: Voices for Eternity celebrates the emotional highlights of that first concert and the sequel in Los Angeles.
With brand new interviews and never-before-seen backstage footage, this documentary offers a fascinating insight into the rivalries and friendships of the legendary opera stars from 1990 through to Pavarotti's passing in 2007.
As opera houses remain silent and football stadiums are empty of supporters, fans can relive the moment history was made by The Three Tenors in Rome 1990, and remember the night when the ‘Beautiful Game’ crossed a cultural divide and changed classical music forever.
  All £12
  Allo Allo" LIVE Friday 24th, September, Saturday 25th September 7.30 pm

Following their highly successful visit to the Spotlight Theatre with their production of 'Hi De Hi' Green Ginger Productions are staging another acclaimed TV Sit-com 'Allo Allo'.

Like the television series the staged play is set in occupied France where Rene and his wife Edith run a small cafe/stroke bar where they have to placate both the Germans and the French resistance.
Rene has working for him two girls Yvette and Mimi who he flirts with outrageously under the watchful eye of Edith.
An hilarious play, based on the TV series, is full of double meanings and comic situations, and will have you rocking in your seats with laughter
  All £12
  "Andante - Fire & Rain" LIVE Friday October 15th 7.30 pm
Multi-Instrumentalists ANDANTE return to The Spring with their third inspiring and uplifting show of songs from the era of Peace, Protest and Love.
 Vee and Mark present skilfully re-imagined classics from the Folk Rock Songbook featuring great artists such as Dylan, Baez, Lennon&McCartney, Seeger, Simon&Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell and many more.
 From James Taylors’ “You’ve got a friend” to Bob Marleys’ Three Little Birds to Lennons’ “Imagine”… these memorable songs are as relevant and poignant today as when they were written.
“Sixteen instruments, two voices - two superbly talented musicians!”
 A fantastic, heartwarming and nostalgic night awaits!
  Adults £12 Child £8
  "Lilies on the Land" SPOTLIGHT DRAMA LIVE 19th - 23rd Oct 7.30 pm, 24th Oct 2.30 pm
The 75th anniversary of the end of World War II was celebrated in 2020 when this production was scheduled to mark the evnt.
Based on one hundred and fifty letters and interviews with original Land Girls, along with songs from the period. this play is a revealing, funny and wonderfully moving portrait of four women who join the Women's Land Army –determined to work endless backbreaking hours on farms across the country in a bid to do their best for the War Effort.
The women all hail from different walks of life, but are torn from their families and deal with the hardships offarming life and the pressures of war.
It is a celebration of their friendship and family bond as the women work together to come to terms with the enormity of the war and its place in history.
Other themes in the play involve the structure and fabric of the land itself and the powerful effect of the weather on their activities and existence.
  Adults £10 Under 16s £7
  Cliff Richard -The Great 80 Tour [Screened] Wed Oct 27 7.45 LIVE, ----Sat Nov 13th 7.45 pm ENCORE
Sir Cliff Richard is indisputably one of Britain’s all-time greatest hit-makers with over 60 years in the British music industry.
Cliff has staggeringly sold over 250 million albums worldwide, achieved 14 number one singles, and 7 number one albums while also having huge success in films, musicals, and television shows that have all contributed to the legend that is Cliff Richard.
This October he invites you all to be part of the most fabulous big screen party of the year.
     All £16   
 "The Art of Simon" [LIVE]      Saturday October 30th 7.30 pm
Here is your chance to lose yourself in nostalgia as Bryan and Jeremy perform the classic hits of Simon and Garfunkel. The Art of Simon faithfully recreate Paul Simon's songs from "Mrs Robinson" through "Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall" to "Homeward Bound" and "Bridge Over Troubled Water".
As we all know, the music is timeless and audiences have thoroughly enjoyed their evening. Even when The Art of Simon recently completed their sell out tour of southern Germany, the songs were welcomed with enthusiasm.
Bryan and Jem not only perform these songs to an exceptionally high standard, they pride themselves on communicating with their audience with information and especially humour.
If you are a lover of contemporary music this is one show you should not miss. An evening of joy and memories.
  All £12
  "The Catch" LIVE  Tuesday November 2nd 7.30 pm
Nick Darke's play is a comedy set in Padstow in which two fishermen, suffering the effects of the new quota system, are wondering how to supplement their income and decide to go in for a little extra-curricular smuggling.
The dodgy local character with whom they are dealing is playing a double game with them, and also with the daughter of one of the fishermen.
Although the play is a comedy, topically post-Brexit it raises interesting issues about concerns and challenges faced by fishermen who feel that they have again been let down despite all the pre-Brexit talk of protecting them.
It also raises issues about sustainability in the environment.
  Adults £12 Under 12s £5
  "Raven" [LIVE] Friday 10th December 7.30 pm
This six piece, multi instrumental band has performed at an extensive range of venues and events including Grassington Fringe Festival, Coastival, Beverley Folk Festival, Filey Festival, Stephen Joseph Theatre, Helmsley Arts Centre, Selby Abbey and Castle Howard.
Raven will take you on a magical journey with a mixture of traditional festive songs as well as their own original music.
Renowned for their enchanting harmonies and haunting melodies, this evening will start your festive season with more than a touch of sparkle!
 “...vibrant women doing something they clearly love is irresistible” Yorkshire Post Magazine
  All £12