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Down Memory Lane
Spotlight Theatre Bridlington, shows, plays, East Yorkshire Theatre, Musical theatre, drama, comedy, pantomime, BAODS
"Wizards,Witches & Whiskers"" November Saturday 22nd / Sunday 23rd 7.30 pm
........................................Friday 28th 7.30 pm /Sunday 30th 2.30 pm
Spotlight's young members present a miscellany of songs and music from some of the best known shows in the musical world.
Sit back and enjoy revisiting the African world of Simba the lion cub, and the rubbish tip world of Mr Mistoffolees and Grizabella.
Dorothy, the Tin Man,the Scarecrow and others come to life in the Land of Oz while the witches Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the West) and Glinda the Good tell their story in Wicked.
£8.00/Children £5.00
  "The Clapham Girls' War" Saturday 29th November 7.30 pm
Theatre on the Edge presents the story of how WW1 changed the lives of the women of Hull.
Based on factual events, this new drama with music and poetry looks at the war on the Home Front through the eyes of five fictional characters, who work at Madame Clapham’s in Kingston Square (now The Kingston Theatre Hotel).
They experience the bombings, the shortages and deprivation as they see their menfolk set off for the war. We learn about their hopes and aspirations as women of their time – a period when women did not yet have the vote and had few rights in the workplace or at home.
As featured on BBC Radio Humberside’s WW1 At Home November 11th to 14th.
£9.50/Child £3.00
"Wartime Upstairs Downstairs Christmas" December 9,10,11,16,17 - 7.30 pm
In Spotlight's own version of Downton Abbey Christmas is celebrated in the company of the members of a big house.
In the first half the downstairs kitchen staff are preparing the food, and in the second half the upstairs family enjoy the seasonal offerings.
Music from both World Wars is featured, together with the traditional carols for audience participation, plus lighter moments along the way
£8.00/Children £3.00
"Cinderella" December 13,14,19,20,21/January 2,3,4,9,10,11
Forget about the winter and enjoy music and laughter as the ever popular Mike Hammond takes on the role of an Ugly Sister in the classic pantomime Cinderella
All the familiar ingredients, coach, pumpkin, slipper etc feature in this tradtional tale presented by Spotlight's own members.
Performances begin at 7.30 pm except on dates in red whch are Sunday matinees beginning at 2.30 pm
£8.00/Children £5.00
  "The Mice Who Ate Christmas" Tuesday 30th December 7.30 pm
A Christmas comedy for all ages based on the legend surrounding the writing of Silent Night.
It is 1818 and Edna and Wilbur are having trouble getting into the spirit of Christmas, because they are two particularly hungry village mice who find themselves sailing for Switzerland 'Land of Cheese', that mythical place where the streets are paved with cheese and rivers run brimful of chocolate !
Sheltering in a village church on Christmas Eve, the hungry mice eat through the church organ bellows by mistake, leaving the kindly young priest without a note of music for Midnight Mass
Edna and Wilbur have to hurry to make amends, and in doing so inspire the writing of a brand new Christmas carol.
£9.50/Under 16s £5.00
  "Flanders and Swann Revisited" Saturday 24th January 7.30 pm
Michael Lunts returns to Spotlight with a programme that brings together the songs of Flanders and Swann and the words and wit of Sir John Betjeman.
Featuring a cornucopia of songs, familiar and less familiar, from 'The Hippopotamus' to 'A Transport of Delight', from 'The Gnu' to 'Have Some Madeira, M'Dear', the songs of Flanders and Swann are shown to be rooted in that vision of the recent past often called 'Betjeman's Britain'.
It is a world where Betjeman shares his love of all forms of 'obsolete transport' with Flanders and Swann's evocation of pre-Beeching Britain in 'The Slow Train'.
Wallow in a little nostalgia for a by-gone world and the more gentle humour exemplified by these arch-observers of the national character.

..Future Events..

............FROM BRIDLINGTON BLINDS & CURTAINS, BRIDGE STREET,BRIDLINGTON OR 01262601006..........................
."Peter Pan" Saturday 14th February (Duck Egg Theatre )
. Ian Sherwood - Guitar Sunday 22nd February (Artery Presentation)
. "Brief Lives" Saturday 28th February (Other Lives Production) 
."Thick as Thieves" Tuesday 21st April (Reform Theatre)
."Unlikely Lads" Sunday 10th May (Badapple Theatre)
."April in Paris" Saturday 30th May (Reform Theatre)
.Vin Garbutt in Concert Saturday 27th June